October 14, 2016

Sarah & Russell | Engaged

I’m so excited to share this shoot! I always love doing engagement sessions. They help me get to know the couple, how they work, their story, their wedding plans, etc. However, this shoot is a little different.  I know these two (and Ella).  Let me introduce you to my step-brother Russell.  Russell is part of a trio of boys that came into my life at a pretty young age.  When my mom married their dad I think we were all trying to figure each other out.  Looking back, that time in my life holds some of my favorite memories.  My older brother was too cool to hang out with me but, I had 3 younger dudes that did want to hang out with me (I think haha).  It was crazy….5 kids in the house at one time…. nuts, ya’ll!  But, Friday night pizza around our tiny 5′ x 5′ table was full of laughter, inappropriate gestures, and hysterical stories.  To this day, we all still reminisce about “Do you remember that one time?” “Do you remember when so and so said that?”  Weekends were spent outside playing some sort of football or baseball or soccer.  When I got my license it was trips to the Funland batting cages and arcade.  Seriously great memories come with those boys and then…. we all grew up! High School came… then college….we all went different ways. Of course we all gathered for family functions, vacations and holidays but those guaranteed weekends were gone.  That’s life though, huh? My mom and stepdad, Jim, started an annual oyster roast (turned family seafood roast – blog post on that to come).  When all of us kids can be in one place at one time it’s a seriously rare event and treat.  I know it fills my mom and Jim’s hearts to the fullest. So, first oyster roast was planned and Russell casually said something along the lines of “oh hey, I’m going to bring my girlfriend” Umm, what?…. Definite Russell fashion haha. We didn’t know Sarah existed until that day but she seriously fit like a glove.  The most kind, outgoing person strolled out to the bon fire and shucked oysters with us like we had known her forever.  We talked about her job as a teacher, how she met Russell…  you know the basics.  Sarah was the easiest person to talk to. And when she wasn’t scared off from our crazy dynamics we knew 100% Russell had a catch!  Fast forward to this post.  This summer Russell asked me to capture his proposal to Sarah in Downtown Georgetown.  Naturally, he was a little nervous but, he pulled it off like a champ!  It was picture perfect – literally. Sarah is officially going to become a Culberson in less than a year!  I’m not sure if step-sister-in-laws are an official title but I’m excited to call her that!  Enjoy a few of my favorite shots… and meet their fur baby Ella!  Love you guys!


Love Sarah’s ring!


Meet Ella!


Haha I love this shot – Ella was ready to GO!



What’s a trip Downtown without stopping at Carl’s?!


Last stop – the river for golden hour. It was just beautiful.




Loving this shot of Ella!


You are going to be such a beautiful bride!


Congratulations guys! Can’t wait for August!


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