January 7, 2018

Pete the Goldendoodle

I had been dreaming of a Goldendoodle for years. Years and years. I’d say about 7 years ago was when I first saw a picture of one.  I saved it on my desktop not knowing what bread it truly was.  Time passed, I joined Instagram, and started seeing the same type of dog. The cutest little non-shedding teddy bears ever.  I followed about 200 of them. Obsessed was an understatement. Well, one year ago, on my way to the airport, I just took the plunge, sent my deposit and secured my spot.  Was I totally thinking it through? Eh, not really. Was buying a puppy the right thing to do when there are so many to be adopted? Eh, it’s still something I feel pretty judged about. Would my friends and family pitch in since it’s just me? Eh, why should they? It’s not their responsibility. Truth is I had no idea what I was doing. My dad had a few dogs here and there while I was growing up but I never personally raised a puppy. First night….it was RUFF (misspelling and pun very much intended).  I “slept” on my hardwood floor just to soothe his cries. I was freaking out the next morning. What did I do? Will this get better? Is he ever going to like me?!  Second night, I knew I had to work the next day so floor sleeping wasn’t happening. I let him cry it out and about 5 minutes later…. quiet. Crate training was smooth sailing from there on out. Not one accident, always slept until I got up. It really turned around. I saw the light, I knew it wouldn’t always be so hard and I was finally excited to have a furry BFF.

I get asked a lot why I named him Pete. What a weird dog name. The reason is two fold. 1: I find dogs with human names hilarious. Not sure why, I just do. 2: My late grandfather Dwight “Pete” Rehberg.  My Pop had Alzheimer’s (small blog post about that here).  He truly had no idea who we were anymore but, my dad’s Newfoundland dog, Harley, was his very best friend. He would pet him all day, talk to him, tell him stories, and Harley would just sit and “listen”.  They were besties.  I’ve known for a very long time I wanted to name a dog Pete as somewhat of a tribute. Never sure when I would actually get a dog but Pete was always going to be his name. And again, the looks I get from people when I say his name are pretty great.

So, Pete is officially one today. Born January 7, 2017, I picked him out of just two – that’s all that was left. His brother was hyper – all ovvvverrrr my cousin Lindsay. My Pete was just sleeping in the corner. I scooped him up and we were on our way.  The first couple of months we had a lot of tummy issues. After finding him a new food, we were good to go.  He’s the happiest pup who loves peanut butter, other dogs and belly rubs.  My family has been incredible. Dog sitting for me on wedding days, letting him out to potty when I get stuck at work, spoiling him with treats. They’re really the best and I couldn’t survive without them. Happy Birthday to my Peters! Here are just a few photos from his first year! If you want Pete overload follow him on Instagram @petethedood   –  Meet Pete!

Look how small he was! Pete lives for sticks!
Have you ever seen something so cute?!Those eyes get everythinnnnggggg. Pete’s first snow day! Christmas with his new stuffed BFF.Finally got a decent hair cut so he could see again.And finally, with a lot of peanut butter, he let me put his birthday hat on. I can’t!

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