November 5, 2015

Megan & Rick | Engaged

A few years ago I shot a game changing wedding in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Not only did I produce images I’m still proud of, I got to know an amazing couple. I was still very new and they trusted me with one of the biggest days of their lives.  This couple was Johanna and Sam.  Little did I know what this would lead to. From Jo and Sam came their friends Caroline and Eric.  Yet again, another amazing couple whose wedding I adored and who I frequently run into in the craziest places (like Virginia Tech and an 80’s cover band concert! ha).  That same group of friends brought me Andrea and Jimmy. Again, another couple who were my ideal client’s. The sweetest of the sweet. And last, but certainly not least, is Megan. This beautiful girl contacted me last year to photograph her wedding, bringing this crazy story of word of mouth together. A complete full circle.  Each one of these girls are different from one another… and different bride’s….but, isn’t that what makes friendship a beautiful thing?  They are all my ideal brides…. who I consider all friends….and one of the many reasons I seriously love this job.  

I adore Megan. Bottom line.  After some crazy scheduling, we finally locked down a fall date to shoot her engagement photos. I had met her fiance, Rick, briefly at Andrea and Jimmy’s wedding. Observing from the back of my camera, of course, these two were making my heart melt!  Any not necessarily in that lovey-dovey way.   These two were real and their interaction was genuine.  With some serious wise cracks and jokes (love this about them), to dancing the night away,  I just knew their engagement session would be a breeze. I was so right. Those same jokes kept me laughing the whole time and their love for each other was so evident. Ah! Enough rambling. Enjoy some of my favorites below! I can’t wait for your wedding day Rick and Megan! 1A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-1007

That ring! Rick… yes!

2A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-1004 3A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-1000 4A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-1013 5A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-1010

Seriously?! Love!

5A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-1015 6A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-1016

I told you, ya’ll. They made my job a breeze!

7A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-1023 8A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-1027 9A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-1018 10A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-1021 11A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-1030 12A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-1029 13A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-1033 14A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-1036 15A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-1032 16A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-103917A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-103718A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-1040

Oh, Megan…. No words! So gorgeous!

19A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-104120A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-1045 21A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-104722A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-104624A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-1048

Everyone… please take a moment to look at the bottom of Megan’s shoes! They match Rick’s shirt perfectly. The OCD in me is so, so proud.

25A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-1055 26A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-105427A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-105328A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-106929A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-1063

Yes to these fall colors!

30A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-1071 23A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-1060

One of my favorites!

31A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-107632A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-107233A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-1074 37A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-1086 34A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-108235A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-107936A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-108438A-Downtown-Fall-Engagement-Fredericksburg-Virginia-1087

Congratulations, Rick and Megan!!!


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