July 15, 2013

Kendall & Shawn | University of Mary Washington Engagement

It was raining…. kind of hard. I told Kendall it was her call and we would make it work no matter what.  She said she was feeling optimistic so we should keep the shoot on schedule. So, we met as planned… the skies were blue, there were pretty white clouds and the grounds were drying up. Kendall and Shawn were doing awesome as we began their shoot. Then… the thunder started and it POURED again. We took cover and considered once more to cancel and do part 2 at a later date. Nope. Kendall was still feeling optimistic. She wanted to wait it out. So we waited, chatted about their awesome Disney honeymoon plans and before we knew it, the sun was out again! Yay! I’m so glad we waited. We had some AMAZING light because of it. Good call, Kendall!  Kendall and Shawn met at the University of Mary Washington so they decided it would the best place for their engagement session. I loved shooting there! Kendall and Shawn, I can’t wait for your wedding! Enjoy some of my favorites! PS – the first image is the actual bench Shawn proposed at!

Oh, Kendall… could you be more stunning?!

The next 2 images are when it was pouring. We took some shots anyway!

Outfit change and off to my new favorite spot!

Love this one!

Thanks again for being optimistic, Kendall! Loved hanging out with you and Shawn!

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