April 15, 2016

Kate & Kevin | Engaged

I love this time of year! This weather (when Virginia doesn’t go completely crazy), the longer days, the blooming trees and it’s Engagement Season! Engagement sessions are such a great way to know your couple. You get a feel for what works for them, what they’re comfortable with, learn their story and wedding plans… They get to know how you operate and shoot. And in my case they may take note on how many times I say “perfect” from behind the lens. Ugh sorry to all my couples who heard me say that 10 thousand times. It’s my go to encouragement word. Anyway, I digress. Next in my engagement session lineup is Kate and Kevin! Yay!!! These two… I feel like I could write a novel right now. I met this couple a few months ago and instantly fell in love. For one, their story is amazing. I’m going to save that for all the wedding guests who might hear about it… but, let’s just say Kate’s marrying the gym crush!  I became instantly excited for their wedding day when they told me it would be held at the Inn at the Olde Silk Mill.  That place is so great for so many reasons. Maggie and Doug’s wedding was the last one I shot there and I’m so pumped I get to go back! So during this meeting of excitement, K squared told me their engagement session plans. Fredericksburg natives… The old abandoned power plant behind the Silk Mill… The big white broken windowed building? Y’all know what I’m talking about… Kate and Kevin wanted to do their session inside. I instantly said YES! How amazing?! We weren’t entirely sure what we were getting into but, I consider that a perk of this job. This adventure did not disappoint. As I expected, Kevin and Kate totally rocked it and their session is one I will forever love. Enough of me telling you how awesome this was and let me show you! Soak it up… Their wedding isn’t until 2017 and the suspense just might break me. Hair and Makeup by my girl Kristen of GoGo Gorgeous Make-Up Artistry!

How beautiful is Kate?! Ah!

The graffiti backdrop was perfect with Kate’s dress!

Work it Kevin!

Outfit and scenery change!

Ah! This ring! Amazing job, Kevin!

Congratulations Kate and Kevin! I can’t wait for your big day!

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