July 20, 2016

Jazmin & Justin | Engaged

I’m so excited for you all to meet Jazmin and Justin! These two are one of my great 2017 couples and after their engagement shoot I’m even more excited for their wedding day. Let me tell you why….  We had Saturday on the calendar for quite a while. Once July rolled around, Jazmin and I touched base and decided on the tiny, adorable Downtown Clifton for their shoot. You guys know how excited I am to photograph in new locations! I was early… Like way early (I’m not paranoid or anything… Just a meeting that didn’t last as long as I thought haha) So, I moseyed into what looked like a general store, spoke with the nice man behind the counter, ordered a burger and sat out on their covered porch to enjoy my meal. Then… It happened. Thunder, lighting and so much rain. Where in the world did that come from?! That totally caught me off guard. Jazmin and I exchanged texts and we decided to try anyway. She told me she had faith the rain would stop. You guys, what a breath of fresh air this girl is!! Can you imagine how amazing Jazmin will be as a bride? Her positive attitude was something we all could take a cue from. Well, she was right and her faith did not fail. After a few shots under some covered porches and a few umbrella shots, the rain eventually cleared and the sun came out! Justin, Jazmin, her sweet mom, little pup Sophie and I wandered the few streets of Downtown Clifton. Sophie stole the show when pedestrians just had to stop and pet her! She was quite adorable…. As were her fur parents! Meet Jazmin and Justin – the sweetest of couples!


Little Sophie!


How great are these two? Willing to go out with umbrellas!

9A-Downtown-Clifton-Virginia-Engagement-Session-3019 11A-Downtown-Clifton-Virginia-Engagement-Session-3020



And just like that… the rain was gone!


New favorite ring shot!


So gorgeous!


Congratulations, Jazmin and Justin! I’m so excited for your wedding!


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