November 24, 2015

Heather & Trae | Engaged

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. As in… tomorrow! I have SO much to be thankful for.  I’ve been blessed with some seriously amazing couples this year… and it’s time to meet another one!  Heather and Trae have been guests at many, many wedding’s I’ve photographed.  These two were always found on the dance floor.  And I must say, their dance moves never disappointed!  I’ve known Trae for many years.  Throwing it back to the days of college when he lived with my brother. I’m proud to report Heather does not have to live the way Trae and my brother did. Let’s just say my mom and all mothers around would not approve haha.  Trae and Heather met through Trae’s cousin, Monica….  They went to a dance together and Heather never heard from Trae again.  Years later, they reconnected. Funny how life works. Heather was convinced she made a bad impression on their one and only date but, in reality, maybe it just wasn’t their time yet.  Here’s to being patient and waiting for the right time in life.  Heather and Trae are now engaged with plans of getting married in the gorgeous Outer Banks of North Carolina.  I had a great afternoon strolling the battlefields and old town Fredericksburg catching up with these two!  Enjoy a few of my favorites below… and meet their adorable fur babies! 1A-Downtown-Fredericksburg-Virginia-Engagement-10042A-Downtown-Fredericksburg-Virginia-Engagement-10083A-Downtown-Fredericksburg-Virginia-Engagement-10094A-Downtown-Fredericksburg-Virginia-Engagement-1005

I love a dog in an engagement session…. 2? Yes! Adorable!


That ring! LOVE!


Heather! You are BEAUTIFUL!


We got to the bridge at just the right light!

22A-Downtown-Fredericksburg-Virginia-Engagement-105122A-Downtown-Fredericksburg-Virginia-Engagement-105723A-Downtown-Fredericksburg-Virginia-Engagement-105524A-Downtown-Fredericksburg-Virginia-Engagement-104824A-Downtown-Fredericksburg-Virginia-Engagement-105826A-Downtown-Fredericksburg-Virginia-Engagement-106727A-Downtown-Fredericksburg-Virginia-Engagement-107237A-Downtown-Fredericksburg-Virginia-Engagement-1062Congratulations you two!


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