February 5, 2013

Family Photo Day | Personal

I am grateful… forever grateful for the time my family took to drive from all over Virginia to Orange County. We were there with two purposes. To celebrate my grandparents 62nd wedding anniversary and to get an updated family photo. So much had changed since the last one we took. We had a few marriages and some major growth spurts.  Every day I get with my whole family in tact is a true blessing. I lost my dad’s father at a young age. And my dad’s mom passed before I could really grasp the meaning of what a photograph can do and the meaning it could hold. So, it was my mission to document an up-to-date photo for my grandparents. I want them to look at that photo and know they did an amazing job. Their kids are  remarkable… and all THEIR kids aren’t half bad, either.

So, we gathered… on a vintage couch I rented from Mary at Blue Bird’s Garage. All 23 of us. I set my tripod and a few 100 clicks later, we got it. A photo I will forever be grateful for. One that I will look back on and feel nothing but joy. Meet my  family, the Scichilone’s…. Yes, it’s a very, very, Italian name.

And naturally, we all took individual ones as well. Here is my family. My amazing, irreplaceable mom, Cindy and my step-dad, Jim…. He’s pretty much the funniest guy around. My brother Brandon, his wife Megan and my 3 step brothers, Russell, Patrick and Christian.

My Aunt Robin, Uncle Carl, Nicole and Danielle!

My Aunt Jo-Ann, Uncle Ralph, Sara and the newest addition, her husband Matt!

Team West! My Aunt Kathy, Uncle Tommy, Angelica, Bianca and Austin… he’s the youngest… what?!

And here they are… the whole reason for this. My Nanny and Pop.

Thank you again to Blue Bird’s Garage! It was the perfect addition to our shoot!

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