January 9, 2013

Caroline & Eric | Washington, D.C. Engagement

Oooohhh this couple made me SO excited for 2013! Caroline and Eric were my first engagement session of the new year.  I’ve said it 100 times before… driving around D.C. STRESSES ME OUT. I don’t know what my problem is. Once I park and settle in, I love walking around the city. But getting there… no thank you.  I knew Caroline and I would get along great when I admitted this fact, she agreed with me 100%. YES! I’m not alone! Lucky for her, she has Eric! Eric drove us all around D.C. on a chilly Saturday.  They had picked out some pretty amazing spots – including where Eric proposed! I loved getting to know this couple and hearing about their wedding. It’s going to be amazing. Enjoy some of my favorites!

Owen! Cutest little peanut!

My first time shooting at Dumbarton. AMAZING! Thanks, Caroline!


Caroline’s laughter is contagious. Seriously.

See why I’m excited for this wedding?!

One of my favorites.

Good job Eric!

Where Eric proposed!

Another fave!

Thank you again, Caroline and Eric!

  1. Julina says:

    You knocked this one out of the ballpark!!!!! Lovely!!!!

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