April 9, 2016

Brittany & Josh | Engaged

I’m back! After a fairly long break from shoots, engagement sessions are in full swing! My wedding season is right around the corner, too! I couldn’t be more excited to start my season off with Brittany and Josh! I need to start by saying first how much I appreciate Brittany. Let me explain (well, I’ll try…).  I don’t 100% know what my mom’s new job entails but I know for a fact that Brittany helps her. A LOT. Like, goes out of her way to lift weight off my mom’s shoulders, helps her.  My mom deserves someone like Brittany in her life and I’m so thankful for her. I had heard about Brittany throughout the past year but I had only met her once or twice.  My mom kept telling me, “I think Brittany will get engaged soon…. Josh is just so sweet to her!”.  Well, it finally happened! Brittany and Josh were engaged at the National Harbor and I now have the honor to photograph their Fall wedding! I’ve gotten to know these two over the past couple of months and I’m so excited for their big day.  We spent a brisk afternoon walking around the Harbor taking their engagement pictures and it felt so great to get back into the swing of things with such amazing people!  Side note: we ended our session trying Pink Berry for the first time and Brittany and I agree that stuff deserves two thumbs up!  Josh and Brittany, I can’t wait for your wedding! Enjoy just a few of my favorites from their engagement shoot! 1A-National-Harbor-Engagement-Session-Brittany-Josh46032A-National-Harbor-Engagement-Session-Brittany-Josh46003A-National-Harbor-Engagement-Session-Brittany-Josh46013A-National-Harbor-Engagement-Session-Brittany-Josh4605

Brittany’s hair = gorgeous!


Love this spot on the water!

9A-National-Harbor-Engagement-Session-Brittany-Josh4616 8A-National-Harbor-Engagement-Session-Brittany-Josh46316A-National-Harbor-Engagement-Session-Brittany-Josh46159A-National-Harbor-Engagement-Session-Brittany-Josh461810A-National-Harbor-Engagement-Session-Brittany-Josh4628 11A-National-Harbor-Engagement-Session-Brittany-Josh4624 11A-National-Harbor-Engagement-Session-Brittany-Josh462211A-National-Harbor-Engagement-Session-Brittany-Josh4627

These two laughed the whole session!


Brittany! I can’t wait to see you as a bride!


Great job, Josh! That ring is stunning!


Back where it started! The Ferris Wheel!

22A-National-Harbor-Engagement-Session-Brittany-Josh465423A-National-Harbor-Engagement-Session-Brittany-Josh464923A-National-Harbor-Engagement-Session-Brittany-Josh465324A-National-Harbor-Engagement-Session-Brittany-Josh4655 25A-National-Harbor-Engagement-Session-Brittany-Josh4644 24A-National-Harbor-Engagement-Session-Brittany-Josh465726A-National-Harbor-Engagement-Session-Brittany-Josh4646

Congratulations again Brittany and Josh!


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