July 4, 2017

British Virgin Islands Family Vacation

Paradise. It’s really the only way to describe a vacation in the British Virgin Island’s. I had the privilege of going two other times but the older I get the more I appreciate it.  This trip was amazing.  My dad had been saying for a few years he wanted to take my brother and I back.  This past Christmas, we set a date and he made it happen.  My dad, my two cousins, my dad’s two friends, my brother and his fiance and me. We all piled into a 54′ Power Catamaran rented from The Moorings.  So, 8 of us living on a boat. Sounds crazy and cramped but it’s really quite spacious.  This boat was unbelievable.  My dad captained us from island to island. We got to explore a new spot each day, made new memories on each beach, ate amazing food at each restaurant, laughed hysterically at many games of ‘Heads Up’ and drank a lot of Carib and Painkillers. We also watched Troy Aikman feed tarpon (yeah, that happened). It was a trip of a lifetime.  I decided to travel with my ‘good’ camera for the first time ever.  I made the decision to rent a lens, the 24mm-70mm. I only wanted to bring one lens and this one offered a little bit of zoom and good quality. I also decided to rent a waterproof Canon Powershot.  This was a good move.  It was so easy to bring the camera along in the water and not worry about it getting wet.  My Canon Mark III’s are my babies. The one I brought didn’t go to shore without being triple wrapped in a bag. So, I didn’t have the chance to bring it too often due to my fear. The Powershot was such a nice addition to assure we got photos wherever we went!  I could write on and on about how blue the water was and how beautiful the sunsets were but instead you should just see for yourselves.  Enjoy this extra long post from the most beautiful islands. Thank you to my dad for this amazing gift. We love you.

Our Captain!
I’m a snorkelin’ fool…. I took a lot of these selfies haha
First dinner out. It was so good.
A little technical difficulty. Nothing these guys can’t handle.
The Bath’s at Virgin Gorda. So beautiful!
Our boat!
Saba Rock…. Our little celebrity encounter!
Everyday at 5 the staff feeds the Tarpon fish. They are HUGE. This is also where we saw Troy Aikman. He got to feed them….
Sandy Cay. Our favorite spot.
Pointing to Virginia Beach
And of course we had our phones… Here are some Snaps and Instas for ya!

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