February 7, 2013

Adam & Lindsay | Family Photos

*Disclaimer: I don’t do family sessions but when it’s my family… it’s an instant yes.

My last personal post was focused on my mom’s side of the family. Well, my dad’s side is equally amazing. I wish I knew and understood the power of a photograph at a younger age. My grandfather was the victim to Alzheimer’s and my grandmother lost a courageous fight with colon cancer. They were both gone too soon and looking back I wish I had a large family photo of us. For those who don’t know, my dad is a twin. My dad and Uncle Richard do everything together. I am forever grateful for this. Because they’re INSEPARABLE, my brother and I basically grew up with our cousins. Adam was the brother Brandon wished I was and Lindsay (Linny) was the sister I never had. We’re all best friends. Always. No matter what. This Christmas I took some up to date photos of the 2 of them to give to my Aunt Carrie and Uncle Richard. I promised this year you would be meeting my family so, meet Adam and Lindsay!

One of my favorites!

How pretty is this girl?! I love my Linny.

  1. Lindsay says:

    Aww I just read your intro and I teared up! Love you Carley!!!!

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