Kiera | 2 Year Old Portraits

Remember Kiera?! She’s back, just turned 2 and trying so very hard to have a conversation!  Little miss is some kind of determined and independent.  She WILL put her shoes on, she WILL carry the giant shopping bag and she WILL put those sunglasses on. No help, puh-lease!  (Keep it up Kiera…you’ll need that mind […]

April 28, 2011

Anytime, Portraits


Baby Luke | Fairfax Station Newborn Photographer

Remember Laura and Dave?!  Meet their newest edition, Luke! ADORABLE is really they best way to describe him.  Little Luke came a month early and I think it’s because he knew his mom had had enough.  Laura spent the majority of her pregnancy with a PICC line in her arm.  I don’t know the medical-ness […]

April 18, 2011